Fairfield schools approves full-time return of students

Fairfield school leaders will vote on in-person learning, parents react

BUTLER COUNTY, Ohio (FOX19) - The Fairfield School District Board of Education voted 4-0 Thursday to return students to in-class learning.

Some students will return to the classroom full time, others will return four days per eek.

The district has been operating on a hybrid learning plan for a month. The plan approved Thursday returns students to the classroom potentially as soon as Oct. 19.

Grades K-8 will be back five days per week, while preschool and grades 9-12 will be back four days per week. Virtual learning will take place the days the students are not in the classroom.

Off-days will be Wednesdays to allot teachers to assess, monitor progress and check in with their virtual students, the district says.

Mother Stephanie House is thrilled with the plan.

“All three of my children are on IEPS, so they’re not getting the help they need online,” she said Thursday afternoon. “They all need to be in school. I should not be watching my child or children cry everyday doing homework.”

House says her children have lost their motivation learning from home.

“Most of the time they’re crying or frustrated, they just don’t care anymore,” she said.

For other parents like Jasmine Bradshaw, the new plan isn’t ideal.

“My son has respiratory issues, he has asthma,” Bradshaw said Thursday afternoon. “My biggest fear is, I know they’re saying if you have a health condition you don’t have to wear a mask, at the same time, doesn’t that put him at greater risk? Also the other students, because we’re talking about 5- and 6-year-olds.”

Bradshaw has decided her first-grader will continue to learn remotely, a choice Fairfield is offering.

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