Cincinnati, Hamilton Co. Public Library provide free COVID-19 testing

Cincinnati, Hamilton Co. Public Library provides free COVID-19 testing

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - People stopped by the public library in Avondale on Friday, but they weren’t there to find something to read.

Anyone living, working, or attending school in Hamilton County was able to get a free COVID-19 test.

One of the people in line for the test was Emma McDave, who was relieved to see the new testing site outside of her home.

She said she wanted to get tested to make sure she wouldn’t pass it along to her family.

"I got children, grandchildren, and family; I live in a building where there’s a lot of people and I want to make sure for myself,” explained McDave.

Everyone was able to get in and out mainly because this testing site is one of three others that were up and running on Friday.

The Covedale, Norwood, and West End branches all provided testing as well.

Library reps say they plan to add four to five new locations weekly to allow equal access across the county.

“Based on this morning’s turnout the need is significant,” explained Public Library Civic Engagement Coordinator David Siders. “I’ve already heard individuals say ‘thank you. I needed a test for my job’ or ‘I needed to test for another opportunity. I saw this pop up I’m in line here today thank you.’”

McDave says it has been hard finding testing locations close to her home and without a test, she and her family have stayed isolated at home.

“In the building that I live in, they cut off everything, so you have to stay in the house to yourself and you have to keep your mask on,” McDave said.

In July, the Health Collaborative and eight other healthcare organizations were awarded $18 million by the Hamilton County Commissioners to design and execute a testing strategy to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Those organizing the testing say they will focus on areas with the greatest outbreaks.

“We know the neighborhoods across the country need this," said Siders. "UC Health will be taking a look at needs that might be higher in different communities and we’ll focus more opportunities for testing in those neighborhoods.”

Testing is walk-up only and no appointment is needed.

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