Breonna Taylor case: What led investigators to her apartment?

Breonna Taylor
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Updated: Oct. 8, 2020 at 11:23 AM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Thousands of pages of documents with pictures, videos, and interviews have been released after months of waiting to hear directly from Louisville Metro Police Department investigators about what happened in the raid that led to the death of Breonna Taylor in March.

The Public Integrity Unit is LMPD’s group of officers who look into possible criminal cases involving city employees. They took over the scene the night of Taylor’s death.

From there, the PIU officers put together the file including information on everything from what officers were investigating Taylor for to the training the officers received before the deadly raid.

The city has never released this type of file to the public before with an active FBI investigation still going on.

For the first time, the public is hearing from the detective who submitted the warrant for Taylor’s apartment, which was reportedly part of a larger investigation into a drug ring her ex-boyfriend, Jamarcus Glover, was at the center of.

Louisville Metro Police Department Det. Joshua Jaynes said he attached a tracker to a Dodge Charger Glover was known to drive in January 2020 and saw him frequenting suspected trap houses as well as two other addresses. One home was that of the mother of his child, the other was Breonna Taylor’s apartment.

The GPS showed Glover at 3003 Springfield Drive, Taylor’s apartment, six times in the span of two weeks.

Jaynes tells investigators it’s common practice for drug traffickers to keep money and drugs at other locations for safety, and Instagram videos they were watching of Glover at the time seemed to line up.

“The mother of his child was there. They’re smoking weed or something. There was money on the bed,” Jaynes stated. “There’s one where she was like throwing money at her infant daughter. This, the stuff we’re seeing, he’s going there so hey, this could be a place where he be keeping dope for money."

Jaynes also said he had video from the LMPD pole camera set up outside 2424 Elliot Avenue, the main location of interest, showing a white Malibu registered to Taylor, pull up and drop Glover off, as well as a black Dodge Charger, also registered to Taylor. In that instance, Taylor was seen outside of the car.

Jaynes also says he checked two databases and Glover’s bank account to confirm Glover was using Taylor’s address as his own. What led him down that path, was when he said he observed Glover walk into Apt. 4 at 3003 Springfield Drive empty-handed and come out with a package.

He said he then asked Sgt. John Mattingly, who was in a unit that dealt with narcotics in packages, to see if Glover was getting mail. At first, Jaynes said Mattingly told him there was an investigation already underway on Glover receiving suspicious packages. The next time Jaynes checked in, Mattingly said it was a mistake, and that officers were actually looking into another person with the name Glover.

“He says, ‘Your guy just gets Amazon or mail packages there,’” Jaynes said. “I said, ‘Okay, well that’s relieving.’”

That is where accounts begin to differ.

Mattingly said he asked Shively officers to check in with the postal inspector on Glover’s package deliveries because of alleged bad blood between LMPD and the post office.

“With what they look at, they told me no and that’s what I passed on,” Detective Mike Kuzma with Shively Police told investigators.

Detective Timothy Salyer with SPD also saw the affidavit saying it was confirmed with the postal inspector and called Mattingly to figure out what got lost in translation.

“He said no because he was on speakerphone. I told him what you told us, there were no boxes going to that apartment,” Salyer recalled.

In Mattingly’s interview, he was not asked about the packages. However, Jaynes said he had enough evidence to go into Taylor’s apartment even without the postal aspect.

Read the transcripts from the officer and witness interviews with the PIU. Below is a list of whose interviews appear on which pages:

  • Kenneth Walker (1-48)
  • Sgt. Jon Mattingly (49-78)
  • Det. Brett Hankison (79-105)
  • Det. Myles Cosgrove (106-130)
  • Ofc. Mike Nobles (131-149)
  • Det. Mike Campbell (150-162)
  • Shawn Hoover (163-201)
  • Ofc. Tony James (202-233)
  • Sgt. Brandon Hogan (234-254)
  • Sgt. Joel Casse (255-283)
  • Sgt. Michael Burns (284-296)
  • Chief Steve Conrad (296-305)
  • Name redacted (306-311)
  • Name redacted (312-319)
  • Name redacted (320-322)
  • Name redacted (323-325)
  • Det. Mike Kuzma (326-333)
  • Sgt. Timothy L. Salyer (334-349)
  • Lt. Dale Massey (350-367)
  • Det. Josh Jaynes (368-413)

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