Man who fatally shot driver on I-75 in possible road rage claims self-defense, prosecutor says

Man who fatally shot driver on I-75 in possible road rage claims self-defense, prosecutor says

FORT WRIGHT, Ky. (FOX19) - A driver who fatally shot another motorist in a possible case of road rage on northbound Interstate 75 told police it was self-defense, Kenton County Commonwealth Attorney Ron Sanders tells FOX19 NOW.

The man was questioned and released without being charged after the incident about 1 p.m. Friday near the Kyles Lane ramp in Fort Wright.

“His use of force is under investigation,” Sanders said Saturday. "It’s very concerning any time we have any allegations of a road rage incident police are investigating the use of force and whether or not it was justifiable use of self-defense.

Police arrived on the scene to find a two-car crash and one male victim who had been shot. He was taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

One fatally shot following crash, possible road rage in NKY

Police have said they believe the victim died from gunshots and not the crash. Officers interviewed several witnesses to determine exactly what transpired but say the crash was followed by the shooting.

“There was apparently some kind of rolling dispute between two vehicles. Those vehicles made contact and collided and stopped on the side of the road and after the collision at some point after the collision shots were fired between the drivers of the two vehicles that were involved in the collision.”

The entire incident remains under investigation by Fort Wright and Kenton County police departments.

The probe should wrap up early next week, Sanders said.

He cited that as his reason to hold off on releasing the men’s names and whether the one killed also had a gun or some other weapon.

They were the only ones in their vehicles, he said.

“Firearms were recovered at the scene. I know there were fire arms recovered at the scene. What exactly transpired and why is the subject of the ongoing investigation," he said.

He also declined to say how many shots were fired. The only one hurt is the man who was fatally shot. Sanders would not say where the man was shot.

“Preliminary indications show that they did not know one another," he said. "However, that’s something police are going to dig into deeper and verify.”

Sanders declined to say what his preliminary opinion is so far.

“We just investigate any homicide to get to the truth. If his use of force was legal, no charges will be filed. If it wasn’t a legitimate and lawful use of force then we will pursue charges. We will probably make an announcement on the case Monday or Tuesday but police were still interviewing witnesses last night. I haven’t talked to them yet today.”

Kentucky no longer requires permits to carry concealed weapons.

The last homicide in Kenton County was a road rage incident, according to Sanders.

“That was only about 3 months ago. That said, I can’t think of another where shots were actually fired,” he said.

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