Alleged racial discrimination leads to call for NKY council member to resign

Alleged racial discrimination leads to call for NKY council member to resign
Demonstrators gather in Cold Spring to call for the resignation of a councilwoman over an incident of alleged racial discrimination. (Source: WXIX)

CAMPBELL COUNTY, Ky. (FOX19) - A group is calling for the resignation of a Cold Spring councilwoman after a complaint of racial discrimination.

Around a dozen people lined up outside the city council meeting Monday with signs saying “Cindy Moore needs to go.”

In May a complaint was filed against Moore involving her interactions with a cleaning contractor for the city during a Christmas party. According to Kevin Farmer, a local Black Lives Matter organizer, Moore shook her finger at a man, Darryl Beasley, implying he shouldn’t be at the party.

“She was surprised [Beasley] was at the Christmas party," Farmer said. “She thought he was a jail inmate detail. (...) She didn’t know he was a contractor."

The council did condemn Moore’s actions Monday, but those gathered on behalf of Black Lives Matter and Made You Look Promotions say that isn’t enough.

“We don’t need that kind of hate and vendetta in public office,” Farmer said.

Cold Spring Mayor David “Angelo” Penque came out to address the crowd during the protest.

“Folks, how are you today?" he asked. “Folks, I want you to know that we as a city never condone this kind of behavior. Also, our council has censured this lady, and I want you to know that we do not condone this kind of action and this kind of behavior. I want you to know that and feel free to come in.”

Farmer accepted the invitation and went into the meeting where he addressed his concerns with Moore face-to-face.

“We need you to resign, because the thing is, we don’t think that you are going to do your job appropriately," he said. "We’ll let the citizens decide on November 3 how they want that to happen.”

Moore declined an interview with FOX19 NOW however, she told Farmer that she is comfortable working with all people from different backgrounds and extended an offer to speak with him outside of the council meeting.

“I appreciate your comments and I will be glad to meet with you anywhere, any time and we can discuss this,” Moore said.

Farmer says he hopes to meet with Moore before the election.

Mayor Penque also told FOX19 NOW he believes Moore’s actions would be a fireable offense, but he does not have that power. He says ultimately the voters will have to decide.

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