WATCH: Driver leads police on chase through Florence parking lot

WATCH: Driver leads police on chase through Florence parking lot

FLORENCE, Ky. (FOX19) - What started as a normal trip to the store for some bystanders ended with them witnessing a bizarre parking lot police chase.

Joshua Garland, 38, who Florence Police say they think might have been under the influence of drugs, drove around, circling police cars, and doing burnouts in the parking lot of a strip mall.

One witness to Saturday’s events was Cora Greenwood and she captured the entire thing on video.

“It was funny at first because we were like, what is going on? This is the craziest thing I think I’ve ever seen, but then he started coming at the patrons,” Greenwood recalls.

Garland is a Grant County resident and police said they think meth may have been what led to donuts in reverse and this odd game of cat and mouse.

Things seemed disobediently harmless at first, but Greenwood said it took a turn when the Garland circled one man’s vehicle and then came weaving towards hers.

“I said a real fast prayer like ‘lord help us and keep us safe’ because yeah that was freaky, he weaved directly toward us,” Greenwood explained.

Garland was taken to the hospital and he will be facing a DUI charge and five felony charges for wanton endangerment, according to Florence Police.

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