Tri-State street musician keeps faith after equipment stolen

Tri-State street musician keeps faith after equipment stolen

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A Tri-State musician who works day in and day out to provide his artistic expression for the community is now dealing with a hardship.

Violinist Preston Charles had a handful of his equipment stolen in late-September when his car was broken into.

“I know these situations happen and it seemed like there was always this umbrella of protection that it wouldn’t happen to me,” said Charles.

But that umbrella of protection had a hole poked in it last month.

Unfortunately, after living in Cincinnati for many years, Charles was running back to his car to beat the rain when he noticed his back window had been pried all the way down.

“My MacBook was stolen, my power unit I use to perform on the street and not have to use electricity was taken,” said Charles.

He walked through Over-the-Rhine to find anyone who may have seen the theft but had no luck.

“Whatever wasn’t saved from the internet I just have to start from scratch so all my wedding music everything that I’ve just accumulated through the years and I was like ‘this is a great place to put it’ and it was just gone,” said Charles.

Charles is a part of the Street Stage Project, an organization that positions various musicians around the OTR downtown area to provide live music to the community.

The violinist, who has had a passion for music since he was three years old, says in today’s climate we need the expression of art more than anything.

“As a musician, we can relate to by expressing our own emotional involvement in this life story," Charles explained. "We can find that common reality with others and help people understand they’re not alone.”

While Charles now needs an electrical jack to run an amplifier through his car while he performs, he says this is just a minor setback for a major comeback.

“I believe in God. Things happen for mysterious ways, so I’ll just stay on the path and not get discouraged,” said Charles.

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