City Council approves final $1M needed for Lower Price Hill housing project

City Council approves final $1M needed for Lower Price Hill housing project

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A much need facelift for old and abandoned buildings in Lower Price Hill is coming soon.

City Council approved the final $1 million of the total $11 million for the Lower Price Hill’s Thrive Project on Wednesday.

The money will be used to fix up 11 properties and build an entirely new one, which will provide affordable housing for families in the area.

“We have an urgent need for more affordable housing in the city of Cincinnati and all of Hamilton County,” said City Councilman P.G. Sittenfeld.

This project will do more than changing the appearance of the area, according to those in the area.

They say it will also change the area’s reputation.

“It has a reputation, but you know reputation is just caused by people,” stated Dominic Robinson in Lower Price Hill. “But people come and go so reputation can change.”

The City Council voted 8-1 in favor of giving the Lower Price Hill’s Thrive Project its final $1 million.

Sittenfeld, who spearheaded the project, said by the time this all done, 50 families will have housing.

The President of Lower Price Hill Community Council Cynthia Ford said the area’s reputation doesn’t represent the people living here.

“Lower Price Hill has suffered through many reputations of being not the best place to live, but people there are quality number one folks so I’m excited for this for them,” Ford explained.

People can qualify by talking to Community Matters and Over-the-Rhine Community Housing. There is an income threshold they will need to meet.

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