10-year-old’s polite deed rewarded after home run lands in neighbor’s yard

10-year-old rewarded for polite note after backyard home run

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A backyard home run has turned into a lesson in manners for one West Side neighborhood.

Nolan Hamric, 10, and his little brother, Charlie, were playing t-ball in their Cheviot backyard Monday afternoon. That’s when Nolan, who wanted to show Charlie how far he could hit it, took a mighty swing and blasted the plastic ball into a neighbor’s yard two house’s down.

It was a scene right out of the the movie “Sandlot," except Nolan bypassed the Erector Sets and P.F. Flyers. Instead, he wrote a letter asking the neighbor to return the ball when they got home — and for that, he’s now being rewarded.

Why he didn’t just go into his neighbor’s backyard to get the ball?

“'Cause I didn’t feel like that was the right thing to do,” Nolan told FOX19 NOW Wednesday.

Eric Willoughby lives two doors down from the Hamrics, and it was yard into which Nolan’s high-flying home run landed. When he opened his mailbox and found Nolan’s note, he returned the ball and responded with a note of his own, encouraging Nolan to keep swinging from the fences.

Willoughby also ordered a package of plastic baseballs for Nolan and Charlie to play with.

“He showed that politeness, that respect, and I thought that should be rewarded,” Willoughby said.

Nolan’s mom, Kristina says he decided to write the note all by himself, something she’s extremely proud of.

“The lessons that you instill in your kid, that they pick up on something... May not seem like it all the time, but there’s something that sticks,” she said.

Asked if the events of Monday make him want to play more baseball, Nolan grins and replied, “Yes, a lot more.”

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