Cold weather could put a damper on outdoor dining

Cold weather could put a damper on outdoor dining

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - We’ve been fortunate to have warm weather for a majority of the month, but cold weather is right around the corner.

For some restaurant owners, this could cause problems when it comes to their outdoor seating.

Extended outdoor seating is what has been solidifying the survival of many restaurants throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s been going great for us, we’ve been very busy with it,” said Mark Carlotta, General Manager of Blinkers Tavern.

“It’s been great. We have a large space here the whole street has been closed down since May and we’ve received a lot of traffic and exposure with it,” said Norma Kerms, Owners of B&A Street Kitchen.

“I’ve been patronizing different small businesses down here and enjoying the food the dinery the scenery,” said Ladon Pope.

But, with chilly temperatures on the horizon, some businesses will have to step it up a notch when it comes to keeping their crowds.

In Covington, the city has approved outdoor dining through January 1st.

“I know Braxton Brewery has actually purchased like igloo-like structures they’re going to put up on their rooftop deck so people are finding creative ways to create an environment that is comfortable for the consumer,” said Josh Rhodes, Project Manager of ReCov.

For others, it’s not that simple staying outdoors.

“Oh it’s going to be very hard on us I mean just the limited group size and we are covering our back patio and things like that but down here we couldn’t really put heaters in they wouldn’t work,” said Carlotta.

Weather isn’t the only obstacle that could hurt revenue.

“Unfortunately, the city has planned water main construction and so this street is going to get torn up we were told starting November 1st so at that point we’re going to lose our outdoor dining space,” said Norma Kerms, Owner of B&A Street Kitchen

Kerms says it will be difficult bringing people in.

“We’re torn about that decision because we do have a narrow space in our dining,” said Kerms.

Some in the area say they’re not worried about businesses going under.

“At the end of the day people still going to need to eat you know they’re still gonna pack their restaurants up it doesn’t matter if we outside or indoors,” said Mac Mean.

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