Ivanka Trump rallies supporters in ‘Get Out The Vote’ event in Cincinnati

Ivanka Trump rallies supporters in ‘Get Out The Vote’ event in Cincinnati

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - White House advisor and first daughter Ivanka Trump was in Cincinnati on Friday for the “Get Out The Vote” event to rally support for President Donald Trump.

Ivanka’s campaign stop comes 18 days before the Nov. 3 general election in which Ohio again figures to play a decisive role.

Speaking to hundreds of people, Ivanka emphasized the work President Trump has done since taking the Oval Office.

She said the work he has done in these few years is already more than his opposition, Joe Biden, has done in decades.

“President Trump has done more for Ohio in 47 months than Joe Biden has done in 47 years,” Ivanka stated to the crowd.

President Donald Trump most recently visited the state Sept. 21, when he touched down at two “Fighting for the American Worker” events intended to advance the message of economic populism that carried him four years ago.

Ivanka touched on some of the same key statements in which her father did last month.

She said the president will create 10 million jobs in a span of 10 months upon re-election.

“My father is a fighter and he’ll never stop fighting for you,” Ivanka said on Friday.

Ivanka ended the event by saying come Nov. 3, President Trump will have another historic victory.

[For voting information around the Tri-State, click here.]

Ivanka also said the president recently directed the military brass to bring home the sailors, soldiers, airmen, and Marines home from Afghanistan by Christmas.

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