StreetSpark completes 14th mural in City of Hamilton

StreetSpark completes 14th mural in City of Hamilton
'Garden of the Dogs' mural the fourteenth mural to be completed Thursday by StreetSpark- a partnership between the Fitton Center for Creative Arts, the City of Hamilton and the Hamilton Community Foundation. (Source: WXIX)

CINCINNATI (FOX19) -An art program who partnered with the Fitton Center for Creative Arts in the City of Hamilton and the Hamilton Community Foundation completed the fourteenth mural project Thursday.

Local artists involved in the art program StreetSpark, helped complete the ‘Garden of Dogs’ mural located at the Elite Performance and Wellness. It is the final of three murals completed this summer and the fourteenth mural completed within the last five years.

Mural designer Christian Dallas, who works on several murals for ArtWorks in Cincinnati, designed the ‘Garden of the Dogs,’ which spans 155 feet.

Seven bulldogs are hidden in the mural to represent the Hamilton High School mascot, all facing a different direction.

Other details focus on the symbolism of the flowers:

  • Buckeyes (state tree)
  • Carnation (state flower)
  • Trillium (state wildflower), Ladybug (state bug)
  • Daffodils representing rebirth
  • Marigolds representing creativity
  • Peonies representing prosperity

The mural’s supporting artists include Mark Hanavan, Olga Klepinger, Emily Mason, Sydnie Reatherford, Latosha Stone.

Stone created Proper Gnar-the first Black woman-owned skateboard company featured in Elle magazine and on Beyonce’s website.

Hanavan also worked with Dallas on “Golden Ethos” completed at North Second Tap in 2018.

“Bringing these teams of artists and younger and older artists, I think that’s a huge thing that StreetSpark does, is giving younger artists a chance to be on a bigger project, to learn from the older artists, and I guess for the older artists to be around young energetic younger artists,” Hanavan said.

Hanavan, a teacher at the University of Cincinnati and Miami Middletown, points out the win-win for artists throughout the community as he highlights ‘Garden of the Dogs.’

“As far as across the country, we’re seeing mural projects all over the place, including artworks in downtown Cincinnati, which I’ve also seen a couple with them.  But it’s great to see these smaller cities doing the same thing." Havanan said. "Hamilton already has 15 or 16 murals around the city. It’s already known as the city of sculpture, but they might have to change that because now there’s all these murals all over the place.”

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