Police adds patrols to Mt. Adams after uptick in thefts, break-ins

Residents see uptick in car break-ins in Mt. Adams

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Cincinnati police say they are stepping up patrols in Mt. Adams due to an increase in vehicle break-ins and thefts.

Resident Emily Stewart tells FOX19 NOW her Ring camera or a neighbor’s camera will trigger showing someone trying to break into a car or walking up to a front door at least once a week.

“For lack of better terms, it feels a little icky knowing someone has been in your personal space you didn’t invite there,” Stewart said. "It’s a little nerve-wracking. It feels a little violating if someone breaks into your property.'

Neighbors tell us an area of Baum Street is being hit particularly hard.

One neighbor who requested anonymity said he accidentally left his garage door open recently and a thief got away with a weed-wacker and money from his car.

“If you leave items behind in your car, things you might not even think are of great value, they’re still valuable to someone else who is looking at your car for a potential target,” said Lt. Steve Saunders, police spokesman.

Stewart says she now double-checks that her doors are locked every night and has added motion-sensor lights around her house after her car was targeted.

“In my car, I didn’t realize something was wrong until the middle console was open, and so I don’t keep that open, but it’s pretty clear it had been rifled through,” she said.

Police say people in the neighborhood should try to park in well lit areas if they can to make their cars less vulnerable.

“We know in Mt. Adams, there’s plenty of places you can park on the street,” Saunders said, “so just take that extra time and precaution to do that.”

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