Butler County Auditor at odds with the state

Butler County Auditor at odds with the state

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Butler County is wrapping up its 2020 revaluation process, and the county auditor is at odds with the state when it comes to property values.

“I’m simply I’m not there I am not going to increase values by 20% during a pandemic in Butler County. I don’t think it’s fair I don’t think it’s equitable,” said Butler County Auditor Roger Reynolds.

Butler County Auditor Roger Reynold says this year he is running into a roadblock with the state tax commissioners office.

He says they want to increase properties by 20% based on one year of values, something he says they typically don’t do.

“There’s a lot of stimulus in the economy causing the real estate market to be propped up a little bit and I’m concerned that the market will trend downward after the infusion from cash from the feds is cut off,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds originally proposed an increase of 13% and he says the state told him that won’t cut it.

He then resubmitted an increase of 14.5%, an amount the state is still not willing to work with.

Reynolds says he wanted to be conservative and fair.

“Well, that didn’t turn out to be the case. 20% is not conservative clearly by anyone who measures a 20% value increase is not conservative,” said Reynolds.

“It could be smaller but I could see the state asking for high but going that far is ridiculous,” said JR Burlile.

“I don’t agree with it because I own my own property so I don’t agree with it,” said Ben Bailer.

Reynolds says they’re at an impasse and if the state tax commissioner orders them to go to 20%, they’ll have to go through an appeal process.

“I’m just disappointed in what I consider to be strong-arming if we don’t go with their numbers at the state level they’re going to potentially border us or withhold funding. I just don’t think that’s an appropriate approach,” said Reynolds.

Reynolds says he would like to have all of this completed by the end of November.

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