Turkey farms might feel impacts of smaller Thanksgiving gatherings

Turkey farms might feel impacts of smaller Thanksgiving gatherings

ERLANGER, Ky. (FOX19) - With just about a week away from Thanksgiving, state and health officials have urged people to keep holiday gatherings to a minimum.

Unfortunately, this causes problems for farm owners who are used to selling thousands of turkeys so big crowds have enough.

Tewes Farm has been here for a little more than 75 years.

It is where a lot of people from across the Tri-State come to pick up their turkeys for Thanksgiving.

However, this year owners are concerned about their customers.

“Well this year is a pandemic year and people are downsizing and this year is just like everybody else," said Dan Tewes of Tewes Poultry Farm. “The turkeys have grown exceptionally well, they have fattened up, can’t do anything else in this pandemic. And they have fattened up and so my concern is we got big turkeys and probably won’t be able to sell the big ones.”

Now, some of these birds are weighing up to 40 pounds. Normally, Tewes said a turkey weighs between 20 to 27 pounds.

The difference in the weight means they must be split or cut into half.

“So, we will have a nice juicy piece of meat that is filled out and will have more flavor to it, and that way you can have half a turkey or half a breast,” said Tewes.

Pre pandemic, Tewes said he normally sells around 3,000 turkeys.

Tewes says if he can’t sell that much this year, he won’t be able to make up the revenue.

“Basically, you don’t make up for it,” said Tewes.

Tewes is encouraging the community to still come out and buy, saying these turkeys will be just as good as normal.

“We’ll be social distancing, we’ll do everything outside so you won’t have to come in and put up with me on the inside, or if you’re scared to get out of your car we’ll even bring it to your car," said Tewes. "We’ll have it ready for you, but I probably won’t have that 10-pound turkey.”

If you would like to get a turkey before Thanksgiving you can Tewes Farm at 859-341-8844 or stop by and walk-in.

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