Dozens of neglected huskies surrendered to Adams County dog warden

Adams County Humane Society rescues several huskies

ADAMS COUNTY, Ohio (FOX19) - More than two dozen dogs were surrendered to authorities in Adam’s County after one of the owners wanted to get them out of their current conditions.

“It was a bad situation for the parties involved, but I believe everybody is safe now. We’re just happy to help out where we can,” Humane Society of Adam’s County Director Samara Ackers said.

On Thursday, more than 30 neglected huskies used for breeding were taken to the dog warden of Adam’s County. The dog warden could not take in all of the huskies, so the Humane Society of Adam’s County took in 8 of them.

As of now there is no word if the suspects in the case have been charged.

”Some of them may possibly be pregnant, and then we have one that has a break of a leg that I have looked at and tried to take care of, so we are going to take him to the vet and see what we can do with that,” Ackers explained.

Ackers says it’s heartbreaking to see them like this.

”It is pretty sad, like this little guy here, when we get them and they’re in this state, a lot of them, they weren’t super skinny, we had a couple of them that were pretty skinny, their fur was pretty matted... You can’t tell with huskies how malnourished they are until you get them. We have one right now getting shaved down because he was severely matted,” said Ackers.

“The matting, it gets to their skin. It’s painful. It pulls on them. They get a lot of dirt and stuff underneath there. They can get fleas and other types of mites and things, so just for their overall health, having a healthy nice coat is important,” shelter volunteer Jeff Berry said.

Caring for these pups comes with a price. They need money for fresh food, vaccines and trips to the vet.

Members of the humane society say every dime and every cent will help in a huge way to make sure these adorable dogs will be ready to get adopted out.

“We are trying to do the best we can with what we got and just give these guys a second chance,” said Ackers.

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