Boy with Down syndrome gets early Christmas gift with community’s help

Boy with Down syndrome gets early Christmas gift with community’s help

TRENTON, Ohio (FOX19) - It is no surprise the lengths parents will go to ensure their kids have everything they need. What is a surprise is when strangers pull up, literally, to help.

Kaden Buck is a 17-year-old boy with Down syndrome who loves playing basketball. His parents, Amanda and Michael Buck, said they wanted to create a place where Kaden play ball as much as he wanted.

Like any teenager, Kaden also wanted some freedom.

“He loves to shoot out here in our driveway, and he doesn’t like us to be with him because he’s 17,” Amanda said. “So, obviously that’s not fun to have your parents standing over you.”

Kaden is non-verbal and uses sign language to communicate. His parents describe him as a social butterfly, so the pandemic has been rough.

“He is a social butterfly, which is why this has been so hard on him,” Michael explains. “He goes to school to interact with his peers.”

To help Kaden have some independence and play as much basketball as he wants, Amanda and Michael decided it was time to have a half-court in the backyard. The only problem is they didn’t know where to start.

Amanda turned to social media and asked the community for some advice on how to set up a court for Kaden.

“So, I made a post on Facebook social media just saying, you know, ‘does anybody have any recommendations for a concrete company that you trust to come out and give us a quote,’ and it just kind of took off from there,” Amanda said.

In no time, Amanda had some answers and much more.

Within two weeks, she says companies donated their time, tools, and efforts to build Kaden his dream court for free.

“Honestly, we were sitting out there watching them yesterday, and when it first started it was just three guys and then more and more people started showing up, and then the concrete truck pulls up and before I knew it, there’s like 15 guys in our backyard,” says Amanda. “And it was overwhelming, the tears, I mean we’ve never really been on this end of generosity before, so it was amazing.”

Michael says the only problem now will be getting Kaden inside once the court is finished.

Amanda and Michael say Kaden will be taking jump shots on the new court come Saturday if all goes according to plan.

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