Neglect, abuse investigations underway into local dogs found in January

Despite what they have been through, Raptor and Honeysuckle are described as happy, loving dogs.
Updated: Jan. 12, 2021 at 10:31 PM EST
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CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Separate investigations are underway to determine if two different dogs suffered because of cruelty and neglect.

The dogs, named Raptor and Honeysuckle, are both around 1 year old and are currently in foster homes through the Cincinnati Animal Care Humane Society.

Directors say Raptor came to them with injuries and was severely underweight. He was found in Avondale in January.

“He doesn’t seem to have anything medically wrong with him underlying that’s causing him to be so skinny, so I don’t think it’s because he couldn’t gain weight,” Amanda Taylor, medical director, said. “I think it’s because he didn’t have access to food.”

Shelter managers say in Raptor’s case, they are trying to locate a possible owner because they cannot rule out neglect.

“Of course in a case where it’s somebody they shouldn’t go back to, that’s where we want to collect information,” Ray Anderson, media and communications manager, said.

As for Honeysuckle, the day she came in in January, she could not walk. Taylor said all four of her legs were broken in different places, as was her jaw. The injuries, Taylor said, happened to Honeysuckle at different times, so they do not believe she was hit by a vehicle.

They suspect someone dumped her and possibly abused her.

“If she’s experienced broken bones over a period of time, that’s definitely concerning to us,” Meaghan Colville, director of Lifesaving Operations, said.

One of Honeysuckle’s legs has been amputated, and she will have a second surgery in February.

Despite what they have been through, Raptor and Honeysuckle are described as happy, loving dogs.

“They’re so resilient, and really it’s pretty cool to see them come in in the condition that they’re in, and with just a little bit of love and medical attention and foster care, they bounce back pretty quickly,” Colville said.

Seeing the two dogs so full of fight has been inspiring to their caretakers. They hope the community will lend a hand now by coming forward with information that could help the investigations.

“The power that our community has is that we can find justice for the animals that have come through our doors, but also prevent future cruelty as well. If somebody is not treating an animal well, chances are they’re going to do that again with another animal too and maybe even with people,” Colville said.

Raptor will have to continue wearing a dog sweater for the time being as his wounds heal, while Honeysuckle is wearing a cast on one of her legs.

Directors expect both of the dogs will eventually be up for adoption.

The humane society is accepting donations to help cover the cost of the dogs’ medical care. Anyone who would like to make a donation can do so through the Cincinnati Animal Care website.

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