Louisville pastor calls for curse on people he says ‘stole the election’

Louisville pastor calls for curse on people he says ‘stole the election’

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A Louisville pastor’s prayer, which called to curse those he says “stole the election,” has other local faith leaders outraged.

“Those that have stolen this election, those that have cheated, I place the curse of God on them,” Pastor Bob Rodgers from Evangel World Prayer Center prayed to his congregation this past Sunday.

“I curse you with weakness in your body, I curse you with poverty, I curse you with the worst year you’ve ever had, in the name of the Lord,” he continued.

Local faith leaders gathered Wednesday to condemn Rodgers’ prayer and called on the members of his church to leave.

“We’re here to say enough is enough, and Pastor Bob Rodgers, you need to repent immediately,” Rev. Timothy Findley Jr., the pastor at Kingdom Fellowship Christian Life Center, said.

Several pastors from throughout Louisville held a news conference Wednesday and called Rodgers’ prayer “witchcraft and wicked.”

“Pastor Bob Rodgers would stand in his pulpit and attempt to curse people because of what he would call a stolen election, one that has no evidence,” Findley said. “One that has been cast down by all courts it’s been seen and heard from, it’s reprehensible, it’s disgusting, it’s unbiblical and it’s dangerous.”

“I know that there is much talk about the Christian right, but this is not Christian, and this is not right,” Pastor Frank Smith Jr., the senior pastor and Founder of Christ’s Church for Our Community, said.

However, Rodgers told WAVE 3 News he doesn’t see it that way.

“Repent for what?” Rodgers asked. “For praying that honesty would be revealed and for those who are not honest would be exposed? I wouldn’t be afraid of that prayer if I were honest.”

Rodgers said his prayer was not about politics or race, but about standing up to the people trying to hurt the country.

“We’re not against any person; we want people to do good, but I’ll remind you Christ, he was full of indignation, he took a whip and drove the people out. He called a person a viper. That’s not blessing somebody,” Rodgers said.

“When you have an elected official you don’t like, you vote against them; I pray against them,” he continued. “If you have someone who robs you, harms you, cheats you, you call the police; I call on God.”

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