Tri-State liquor store says customer got violent after being asked to wear mask: VIDEO

“Hopefully he’s not going around and doing stuff like this in other places too.”

Man refused to don mask, broke plexiglass inside Indiana business

SWITZERLAND COUNTY, Ind. (FOX19) - The Switzerland County Sheriff’s Office is looking for a man who did some damage to a business after being asked to wear a mask.

Per an executive order from Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb, a sign spelling out the mask requirement is fixed to the door of Package Liquor Store in Patriot.

The man entered the store around 11 a.m. Monday without a mask and owner Randy Mecklenborg says he told him that he needed to put one on.

“He obviously did not like that,” Mecklenborg said. “He did try to put his elbow up to this face and use that, and I said, ‘No, you have to wear a mask,’ and I said, ‘We have them.’”

Before Mecklenborg could point them out, he says the man grabbed the plexiglass shield dividing them and “just hammered that thing right onto the floor.”

Mecklenborg says the incident happened very fast and that on his way out the man tried to pull the door off its hinges.

The store owner says he doesn’t think he’s ever seen the man before.

He also says folks rarely have issues with putting masks on.

“Every once in a while, we do get someone who has a problem with it, and this guy definitely has a problem,” Mecklenborg said. “Hopefully he’s not going around and doing stuff like this in other places too.”

The cost to fix the plexiglass divider is around $150, Mecklenborg says.

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