Gov. DeWine urges President Biden to further supply vaccine, federal funding to Ohio

The Ohio governor outlined nine critical needs of the state
Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine
Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine
Updated: Jan. 21, 2021 at 10:03 AM EST
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Gov. Mike DeWine presented President Joe Biden with a letter on Monday, outlining nine critical needs of Ohio.

Below is a summary of DeWine’s list.

  1. Vaccine: “The most important thing you can do is to get [Ohio] more vaccine.”
  2. Vaccine distribution: “We would welcome the federal government coming in and setting up mass [vaccine and mobile distribution] sites, but only if it means that more vaccine is coming into Ohio.”
  3. Vaccine for seasonal and migrant workers: “We need a national strategy with vaccine attached to it for this vulnerable population.” DeWine cited the workers’ involvement in U.S. farm economy and the availability of fresh, affordable food.
  4. Outreach: “We need a national television, radio and social media campaign on the merits of the vaccine.”
  5. Federal funding: “In addition to your commitment to provide 100 percent of federal funding for the Ohio National Guard COVID-19 missions, we request an extension of Title 32 authority beyond March 31, 2021, at least through the end of the State’s fiscal year of June 30, 2021.”
  6. Use of federal funding: “In addition to your commitment to ask Congress to provide $350 billion to state and local governments, we request greater flexibility with how we can use this critical federal funding.”
  7. Medicaid: “It is critical to extend temporary increased Medicaid support for states beyond the period of public health emergency to align with the gradual process of economic recovery.”
  8. State and local health department funding: “To better support our public health systems to keep our populations healthy and promote individual community health,, we need significant federal investments in the public health infrastructure for state and local health departments.”
  9. Internet access: “Ohio requests flexible resources to provide a range of broadband solutions for people who live in underserved areas and for those who have barriers keeping them from being able to connect.”
Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine leaves a handwritten note in a letter addressed to President Joe Biden....
Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine leaves a handwritten note in a letter addressed to President Joe Biden. The letter outlines nine critical needs of Ohio as we fight the coronavirus pandemic.((Source: Ohio Statehouse Press))

Read DeWine’s letter below.

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