$1 Billion jackpot draws Tri-Staters to Mega Millions game

It’s is the third highest in Mega Millions history.

Tri-State people hoping to win Mega Millions drawing tonight

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Folks around the Tri-State are buying Mega Millions tickets hoping to win it big in the jackpot’s longest ever run.

The drawing is Friday at 11 p.m.

“This is the first one I’ve bought in... I can’t remember when,” Marvin Smith said after purchasing his Mega Millions ticket.

The jackpot has been building since September of 2020, the last time a winner was drawn. The next jackpot is estimated to net the winner the tidy, not-at-all absurd sum of $1 billion (with a cash option of $739.6 million.)

It’s is the third highest in Mega Millions history.

But the chance of winning is awfully slim at just one in more than 302,000,000. You are (knock on wood) more likely to be struck by lightning.

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That didn’t stop people like Michelle Fox from rushing out to get their tickets before Friday’s drawing.

Fox says if she’s lucky enough to win, she would take the cash option.

“I have six kids, we are a family of eight,” Fox said. “It would be amazing.”

The mother-of-six says she wouldn’t keep it all to herself.

“I probably would give it to some of my friends, (and) share it with my family,” she explained. “I would definitely move and stop cleaning houses.”

Fox isn’t the only one who says she would help others.

“You can take care of a lot of people with it,” Jamie said.

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