21 dogs brought back from from ‘deplorable’ property, now in care of Warren Co. shelter

The goal now is to ensure all the dogs get the care and love they have been waiting for.

Local rescuers remove more than 20 dogs from 'deplorable' conditions

WARREN COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - About 100 dogs are now in the care of several organizations, including a local one, after they were seized from a property described as “deplorable.”

Warren County rescuers described it as one of the toughest rescues they have ever done.

Executive Director of the Humane Association of Warren County, Joanne Hurley, says it took a team of dedicated staff members and volunteers hours to safely catch the canines on the West Virginia property.

“The smell was horrendous, and it was terrifying to think that a person actually lived in those trailers,” Hurley said. “Some of the rats that were there were as big as dogs, and I mean, they were running all over us.”

Hurley says the rescue was difficult because they did not have an exact address for the property, only coordinates, and the dogs that were there were not only frightened, they were running free.

“Deplorable conditions, and the way that the whole place was trashed, and it was muddy and full of feces, and there were just dogs running everywhere,” Hurley said.

According to Hurley, what they found was a combination of cruelty, neglect and animal hoarding. Of the 70-100 dogs that were living there, Warren County rescuers took 21. Thankfully, Hurley says, they did not find any dead animals at the site, but the dogs they now have will need medical care.

“A lot of skin issues, some ear issues. I think we have some pregnancies as well,” Hurley said.

An investigation is underway, although Hurley says criminal charges are up in the air because the main owner of the animals died.

The ultimate goal now is to ensure all of the dogs get the care and the love they have been waiting for to prepare them for possible adoption.

“We were able to touch them, and I’m really hopeful for their progress,” Hurley said.

All in all, Hurley said the rescue took her team almost 24 hours to complete. Those involved took a day off from the shelter on Monday to recuperate from working all night long.

The shelter is accepting donations to help cover the cost of the dogs’ care. Hurley said they are always looking for foster families and adopters as well. To learn more, visit the association’s website or Facebook page.

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