NKY woman warning other pet owners to be cautious after cat is shot with handgun

“It’s pretty clear that somebody was actually aiming for this cat.”
NKY pet owner says family cat was injured by gunfire
Updated: Jan. 26, 2021 at 11:06 PM EST
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DAYTON, Ky. (FOX19) - A Northern Kentucky woman is warning other pet owners to be cautious after she says her cat was shot with an actual firearm.

The woman, who has requested to remain anonymous, says she lives near Dayton Pike and 7th Avenue in Dayton. After what happened to her cat, Moose, she says she is fearful for pet owners.

“Very sad and disappointing to say the least and makes me very angry,” Moose’s owner said. “I do have children, and they’re really upset by this.”

Moose’s owner says the cat likes to go outside, but last week, one night he came home injured and bloody. She took him to MedVet and learned that he had been shot.

“At that point, they, they told us that it was a .22 caliber, so it wasn’t like a BB gun, not that it makes it any better. He was shot by an actual bullet, an actual gun meant to inflict harm,” Moose’s owner said. “It’s pretty clear that somebody was actually aiming for this cat.”

Somehow, Moose, who weighs just eight lbs. and is 8 months old, survived the traumatic ordeal. The bullet went through Moose’s body, according to his owner, which broke some bones. He may never walk the same again.

“We’re shocked that, you know, he made it through this,” Moose’s owner said. “It kind of escapes me as far as explanation-wise why somebody would want to do that to another creature.”

Moose’s owner worries that whoever pulled the trigger could be tempted to do it again. She said she wants other pet owners to know what happened so they can keep an eye on their animals.

“I don’t think it’s anybody’s right to do that especially within city limits where somebody else could’ve been harmed, whether it be animal or person,” Moose’s owner said. “So I want to make sure that other people have the precaution to keep their animals safe.”

For now, Moose is resting and recovering safely inside his family’s home. His owner says he loves exploring outside, but they are not sure when or if he will be able to do that again.

His owner says she is reporting what happened to police.

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