Teenage girl’s bravery helps save 2 kids from icy pond

Teenage girl rescues 2 kids from icy pond in Butler County

JACKSONBURG, Ohio (FOX19) - A 13-year-old girl was in the right place at the right time when she saved two kids from an icy pond.

Brookelynn Pruitt, 13, was braiding her horse’s hair on Jan. 29 when a noise caught her attention.

The sound she heard was ice cracking in a nearby pond.

Pruitt looked over and saw a 9-year-old girl had fallen into the water. Not long after, an 11-year-old girl fell in.

“As I kind of got to where I was able to see them fully the littlest one fell through the ice,” Pruitt says. “Then the older one came over to help the little one and she fell through the ice too, and they were kind of in there, so I had to run over. By the time I got to them they weren’t swimming too good.”

She raced over to the pond where the two girls fell in.

Using her fists and body, Pruitt punched her way through the ice and body-slammed the frozen water to clear the way. Her bruised hands are now a black and blue sign of her determination.

Pruitt formed a human chain by grabbing the 11-year-old, who grabbed the 9-year-old and helped pull them to safety.

“I just hung on to the oldest one, and she hung on to the littlest one so, like a little chain,” Pruitt says. “I was able just to keep my head above the water enough to be able to see where I was swimming and breathe and get them back to the shore.”

In freezing temperatures and a partially frozen pond, the 13-year-old kept going.

“It scared me when I realized I couldn’t tell if my legs were still attached to my body,” Pruitt explains. “I couldn’t feel my legs or my boots. I couldn’t feel if I was moving. All I could see was I was getting closer to the banks. I was either moving or drifting, so I knew I was at least getting somewhere.”

Pruitt walked the girls over to their grandparents’ house after saving them from the cold pond.

From there, the 13-year-old went back to her horse and then went home to her mom. Pruitt’s mom, who is an ER nurse, helped tend to her injuries.

“We’re amazed,” says Brenda Pruitt, Brookelynn’s mom. “Me and her dad have talked about it quite a few times, about how impressed we are with her actions and how she thought through it. It’s a proud parent moment and makes you think we must be doing something right.”

FOX19 NOW is told both the 9-year-old and 11-year-old girls are doing fine.

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