NKY police officers use virtual simulator for deescalation training

Words can prevent a situation from turning violent, and this training showcases that.

Police use virtual simulator for deescalation training

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - When a police officer responds to a call, they may end up in a dangerous situation that can quickly escalate. But now, local officers are being trained using a virtual simulator to sharpen their response skills.

The goal is to peacefully deescalate a call.

Erlanger PD Officer Charlie Loudermilk says it’s training officers go through every year, whether it’s role-playing a routine traffic stop, a domestic situation or a mental healht crisis.

These real-life scenarios show the types of decisions officers have to deal with in the field, how quickly they must evaluate them and whether drawing a weapon is necessary.

“We try to deescalate,” Loudermilk said, describing one possible scenario. “We try to use our words and try to get them to drop whatever they have or listen to whatever commands, but unfortunately they’re having some kind of mental illness that isn’t allowing them to hear it.”

Loudermilk says the last thing an officer wants to do is use a firearm, but in some instances they may have to to protect themselves or others around them.

“We’re a reactive agency,” he said. “All of police is a reactive agency. We react to however the person gives us the ability to react.”

Words can be just as powerful as firing, Loudermilk knows, and they can prevent a situation from turning violent.

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