‘They didn’t care’: Hit-and-run victim lies in street ignored by at least 4 passersby

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) - When a San Francisco man was hit by a car and the driver sped off, he thought someone would stop to help him, but several cars drove by without stopping as he lay injured in the street.

Arnulfo Villanueva walks gingerly these days, his shoulder and hand still in pain, but he’s lucky to be alive after he was hit by a car Feb. 4 while crossing the street in San Francisco’s Excelsior District. Surveillance video shows the approaching car seemed to slow a bit before running Villanueva over. Afterwards, the driver looked like he was going to stop but ultimately did not.

“He stopped for a couple seconds and then left. For a minute, I thought he was stopping to see if I was OK, but he didn’t care. He just left,” Villanueva said.

After the incident, Villanueva lay injured in the middle of the street. No fewer than four cars swerved around him to pass by without stopping, as seen in surveillance video.

“It was scary, seeing people, cars pass by. They didn’t care about it, you know?” Villanueva said.

Miguel Rubio says his nephew captured the hit-and-run on camera, and when he saw the footage, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“What’s happened to the human thing? No one stopped. No one has stopped to help this guy,” Rubio said.

The camera at Jasmin Martinez’s home recorded the people driving past.

“They just drove around him, like he was just some piece of trash that was laying there,” she said.

Martinez believes the COVID-19 pandemic may be robbing people of their basic humanity.

“People have learned to stay away from people, to mind their own business. I feel like that starts to apply to everyday things now, not just your health, but now it’s applying to the way you see other people, the way you walk down the street,” she said.

Villanueva says the entire ordeal has left him afraid to cross the road if any cars are near. He no longer believes people will care enough to stop.

“I don’t trust people no more. To be honest, I don’t trust no more,” he said.

He filed a police report regarding the incident and was told police would contact him if there was a break in the case.

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