Road closures tough for those living in Lower Price Hill

Hamilton County barricaded roads keeping some people stuck home

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Several streets in Cincinnati remain barricaded because they still haven’t been cleared of snow and ice, making them unsafe to drive.

The Cincinnati Police Department put up “road closed” signs up to keep drivers off of those streets until they can be treated.

“When the barricades are on the streets, a lot of times those are streets with steep hills so a lot of times we want to prevent citizens from going down,” City of Cincinnati Superintendent of Traffic and Road Conditions Jarrod Bolden said.

Many of the people who live on those streets say they won’t even try.

“Sometimes people in the neighborhood try their best to just crawl down the street and just to get down and they park down on State Avenue just because they got out and they can’t get back up,” Lower Price Hill resident Darryl Doane said.

The city says it has crews working around the clock to get streets cleared starting with major thoroughfares then tackling side streets.

“It’s hard to put a timetable on exactly how long it’s going to take any time you have snow, ice, and cold temperatures you know it just takes us a while to get through it so we just ask people to give us some patience,” Bolden said.

But one woman told FOX19 NOW the road closures are preventing her from doing her job.

“We miss a lot of days of work. We’re not able to get on and off the street. If we leave the street we can’t get back up it which is really bad especially if you have young kids, especially small kids like mine,” Sharkira Shabatz of Lower Price Hill said.

The City of Cincinnati has a Snow Plow Tracker where you can track which streets have been treated and where the plows are:

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