Health Department: 6 infected after finishing full COVID-19 vaccination cycle

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Updated: Feb. 22, 2021 at 5:56 PM EST
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - The Department of Public Health is reporting that a little over 47,000 people in Louisville Metro have finished with both vaccines.

As of last Tuesday, six of those people had acquired the virus. As the rush continues toward getting vaccinated, new data is emerging showing that after taking all proper steps, a small number are getting re-infected with COVID-19.

Dr. Paul Shulz is an infectious disease specialist with Norton Healthcare. He said the data shows that those who are re-infected, after getting both shots, should have milder symptoms.

“We hope that they will have milder cases,” Shulz said. “We’ve seen that in the data.”

He added that even with some getting sick again, this can be considered a win because it should keep people out of the hospital with more serious symptoms.

“Getting vaccinated prevents a hospitalization, prevents a healthcare worker from having to take care of you in the hospital as well, so it is checking a lot of boxes in the win category,” Shulz said.

Schulz added that across the state it appears hospitalizations due to COVID-19 are decreasing.

“We’re seeing that peak turn into a valley or a non-issue,” Shulz said. “We hope for a non-issue where we don’t have cases that aren’t significant.”

With that said, you might be asking yourself how fully vaccinated people become infected, and doctors say it all comes down to vaccine efficacy.

“You have that in every vaccination situation because no vaccine today has been 100 percent effective,” Shulz said.

Doctors said there have always been these types of break-through cases, and compared the vaccine to a flu shot. Sometimes even after getting it, people get the flu.

The point is that even after both shots, you are not 100 percent ready to go. And healthcare professionals say practicing social distancing and wearing a mask are ways to stop infection and reinfection.

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