Cookies for Caregivers bakes up joy across the country

Cookies for Caregivers bakes up joy across the country

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Cookies for Caregivers is a national movement that shows appreciation for front-line workers during the pandemic. The volunteer organizations came to Cincinnati five weeks ago and it is already a huge success.

Cookies for Caregivers may sound like a small thing, but it’s making a big difference across the country.

On Thursday, it was a veterinarian clinic that has been opened through the entire pandemic, 24 hours a day, and working harder now more than ever. Their caseload is up 300%.

Care Center Vets is the most recent recipient of home-baked cookies from Cookies for Caregivers in Cincinnati.

“It’s really great that someone actually thinks about the veterinary people that are doing the front-line stuff as well,” says Vet Tech Amy Spradlin. “So, it’s really great that you guys came out today and recognized us.”

Spradlin and Kristen Frederick say they have been busier than ever during the pandemic at this 24-hour veterinary hospital.

“This means a lot,” says Frederick, “We are here rain or shine, 24/7. Like you [Spradlin] said, we don’t get as much recognition, unfortunately, but this means a whole lot to us.”

This is just one of many places volunteers have baked and delivered cookies to in the Cincinnati area in only five weeks.

They visit hospitals, police and fire stations, hospice centers, nursing homes, food banks, and more.

So far, 4,500 cookies have been donated in the greater Cincinnati area baked by up to 100 volunteers.

“In my mind, I’m thinking it’s just a cookie,” explains Co-founder Bryna Miller, “It’s such an easy thing for us to do. A simple but meaningful thing for us to do, but I think to them it represents acknowledgment. One cookie to them means a lot more than you would think.”

Bryna Miller and Missy Greenberg founded the Cincinnati group together after hearing about it in other parts of the country.

“Baking is an extension of me,” says Greenberg. “So, it’s easy for me to be in the kitchen baking. I love it and I am happy that I am giving back.”

Cookies for Caregivers bake 800-900 cookies a week here in Cincinnati. They need help with baking, bagging, and delivering the cookies.

You can find more on their Facebook page.

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