As weather warms, potholes pop up across the Tri-State

As weather warms, potholes pop up across the Tri-State

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - The sun is shining and temperatures are warming up, but with the recent snow melting many drivers are starting to notice potholes on the road.

“We haven’t seen a winter like this in a very long time so what we’re seeing is with the weather, we’re starting to see a lot more potholes form which is bringing in a lot of business for tire and wheel repairs,” Larry Patterson with AAA-Bob Sumerel Tire and Service said.

A map shows 678 potholes in Cincinnati have been filled in the last six months with the highest being 161 in January alone.

On Thursday, the city had crews filling potholes on River Road and smoothing them over, but they can’t patch all of the cracks at once leaving cars vulnerable to crevices in the pavement.

Larry Patterson, who is the store manager in Hyde Park, says in the past two weeks he’s seen 25 cars come in with pothole damage.

He says repairs aren’t cheap - fixing a wheel costs between $160 and $220, not including the price of the tire or fixing the rim.

“Be aware of your surroundings make sure you’re looking and seeing if there are any immediate potholes around you. When you do see a pothole, the worst thing you can do is hit your breaks. You want to make sure the vehicle just kind of accelerates through the pothole without braking,” Patterson said.

AAA says Americans spend an average of $3 billion per year to repair pothole-related damages.

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