Mother says biracial daughter received death threats at Tri-State school

“It doesn’t feel right to go to school when they don’t care about it.”

Local mom fed up with daughter being bullies, says school isn't doing enough

DEARBORN COUNTY, In. (FOX19) - A local mother says her daughter is being bullied, and she’s less than pleased with how the school is handling the situation.

The mother, who wishes to remain anonymous, says her 12-year-old daughter has suffered bullying for some time as a student at Sunman-Deaborn Middle School. But it’s gotten worse recently, she says.

The biracial daughter is being targeted in school and over the phone, the mother says. .

“There was a Snapchat group created. They invited my daughter and her friend to the group,” the mother said, adding everyone in the group is a student at Sunman-Dearborn Middle School.

“They then changed the name to N***** and then proceeded to taunt, said, ‘Die in a hole, dead N*****,’ chat memes of Black kids getting beat up in front of chalkboards. There was a swastika made of the word N*****. That was probably sent repeatedly 20-30 times back-to-back.”

That was on Friday evening, the mother says. She reported it to school officials Monday.

Sometimes, the mother says, her daughter is targeted at school as well. She says she pulled her daughter from the dance team last fall because of the bullying.

“I would tell the school,” the mother said. “Not much would be done. It was not an everyday thing, but maybe perhaps something we got used to dealing with which we shouldn’t have to. She shouldn’t have to deal with it.”

Now she says she feels like it has only gotten worse.

“When it went beyond the name calling simply because she’s a little darker and turned into death threats, that’s where I am completely mind blown,” she said. “I am at a loss. I don’t know what to do, who to contact and why nothing is being done at the school.

“It doesn’t feel right to go to school when they don’t care about it.”

FOX19 NOW. has reached out to school officials to see if they were aware of what has been going on. This is in part what Superintendent Dr. Andrew Jackson said:

“In general, all bullying complaints are fully investigated. Any student found to be bullying another student at school is given consequences according to our board-approved student handbook.”

The mother says her daughter has removed herself from the Snapchat group and blocked some of its members. She also says she’s advised her daughter to avoid the kids bullying her at school, “because the school isn’t making them avoid her.”

The mother says she has also contacted the Dearborn County Sheriff’s Office regarding the matter as well as the Department of Education in Indianapolis.

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