Balloons release in memory of Nyteisha, Nylo Lattimore

Balloons released for Nyteisha, Nylo Lattimore days after new information from prosecutors

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Community members gathered Saturday to release balloons in memory of missing 3-year-old Nylo and his murdered mother, Nyteisha Lattimore.

The balloon release took place at Yeatman’s Cove, near the Purple People Bridge, where Nyteisha’s body was found in December and where Hamilton County prosecutor Joe Deters believes Nylo was put in the Ohio River.

The group says they joined together to let the family know they’re here and they care.

“After the devastating news we heard this past week, we had to rally behind the family as a community and come out and show them that even though they heard such tragic news and I can’t even wrap my mind around it, we’re still gonna be here for them,” Organizer Faith Burton said.

Investigators believe Nyteisha was killed by by Desean Brown days before her body was found in her Walnut Hills apartment.

Hamilton County Assistant Prosecutor Amy Clausing said they think Brown hid her body under a bed.

On Wednesday, Deters announced that they think Brown also killed 3-year-old Nylo who has been missing since Dec. 4.

“This is a three-year-old baby his mother, innocent victims both of them to be disregarded like a piece of trash. This baby was thrown over the bridge alive in a stroller. Who wouldn’t want to do this for them,” Faith implored.

Deters said Brown hired an Uber driver to take Nyteisha’s body to the river where he left her body near the Purple People Bridge.

Investigators say they believe Nylo was taken to the river about four days prior.

Brown put Nylo in the river while he was alive, according to Deters.

“It like hurts my heart,” said Erika Posey.

Posey drove nearly three hours from Muncie, Indiana, to attend the balloon release.

“I want the family to know I’m praying for them every day and that they’re strong and that they will see them again one day,” she said.

“I’ve never looked for a kid before this the first one, but something about this story touched me because it could be my family or my grandbaby,” June Smith said.

The prosecution thinks Brown wanted to dispose of Nylo because he didn’t want the investigation to point in his direction.

A heartbreaking turn of events, bringing strangers of all walks of life together as one.

“It’s amazing that even though such a tragedy has happened to another and a three-year-old baby that all these people are coming out to support us and help us while were searching to help us during this and it’s just really amazing to see,” Sharlene Holland said.

Police say they’ll start searching along the Ohio River once conditions on the water get better.

Community members say they are far from giving up.

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