VIDEO: Coyotes attack family’s 2-year-old Husky in Colerain

‘She was running for her life.’

Dog in Colerain Twp. attacked by 2 coyotes

COLERAIN TWP., Ohio (FOX19) - A Colerain family is counting their blessings after two coyotes came near to hunting down their dog, Maya.

Security cameras caught the incident on video.

Maya’s owner, Michelle Harper, says according to her vet the home’s flood lights likely saved the young dog’s life. Coyotes don’t like sudden, bright lights.

“I was just sitting right at the window up here, and I heard her start to bark, which she never barks,” Harper said. “She’s a Husky. She’s quiet. And then she started to cry, and I jumped up immediately because it scared me. I thought, like, a raccoon got her or something.”

It wasn’t a raccoon, but two coyotes that had hopped over the fence and into Harper’s backyard.

“She was shaking all over and she was limping and she had a little spot of blood on her side,” Harper said. “I’m just checking her all over, and she’s pacing around.”

Harper says the family got Maya when the Husky was just 12 weeks old. Now 2, Maya has become part of the family.

“She’s been a little booger, very hyper, very quick,” Harper said. “We call her ‘the zoomie.’ She’ll zoom around the yard.”

Harper immediately took Maya to the vet after the attack.

“Luckily she didn’t get hurt,” she said. “The vet said she was limping maybe from running so hard, she was running for her life.”

The Ohio Department of Wildlife says coyote mating season goes through the end of March.

Homeowners are urged to get rid of attractants like trash and accessible pet food to avoid any encounters.

The Harper family is working on getting a taller fence. They also say they’ve ordered wolf urine, which is supposed to deter coyotes.

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