Suspects try hiding under bed after ditching stolen truck, deputies say

Suspects try hiding under bed after ditching stolen truck, deputies say

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Two people were arrested after leading police on a chase in a stolen truck that ended with the suspects running into a home where they hid under a bed.

Perry Bruce, 40, and Ryah Kruegar, 19, stole a man’s work truck from a repair shop and used it to steal someone else’s trailer, according to the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office.

The owner of the stolen truck, Jonathan Lutz, said when he went to the shop Thursday to get it, the truck was nowhere to be seen.

“About 3 o’clock yesterday, me and my business owner go to pick up the truck, it was at the shop for some maintenance, and we get there, we didn’t see it,” said Lutz.

At that point Lutz called the sheriff’s office, who he said could not reassure him they could track down the truck.

Luckily for Lutz, his truck has GPS.

“I was like, ‘well I do have GPS on the truck, and I know it’s driving on Lawrenceburg road right now,’ and he goes, ‘okay, well that’s a game-changer,’” Lutz said.

According to Lutz, deputies followed the truck for an hour and a half. Bruce, who was driving, and Kruegar crossed into Indiana before coming back to Ohio.

“Then he [Bruce] came back over to Ohio, and I think that’s when he ditched the truck,” Lutz said.

The suspects got out of the truck and ran through a wooded area where they snuck into a house, deputies said.

Bruce and Kruegar then hid under the homeowner’s bed, according to deputies.

That homeowner doesn’t want to be identified, though he spoke with FOX19 NOW Friday night.

“It was funny last night, because it’s just like, come on! Are you kidding me!?” He said.

Suspect found hiding under local man's bed

The man says he as fishing at the time. “I made one cast, and then the next thing I know there’s the Hamilton County helicopter buzzin’ over the top of the cabin down here. Looked up at them like, ‘Hey, what are you doin’?! Right? So, I made three or four more casts, and I said, ‘Well, this isn’t going to work.’”

The police were all around his house when he returned. He confirmed to an officer he had probably left his door open, and the officer told him to back away because there was a fugitive inside. The man then gave police permission to search his home.

“It wasn’t two or three minutes later two officers come out with some lady from under my bed,” he said.

As for Lutz’s truck, he says it was found with a decent amount of damage.

Hamilton County court documents show Bruce is facing charges for possessing drug instruments, failure to comply, theft without consent, and receiving stolen property.

Kruger is facing burglary and obstructing official business, the documents show.

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