Mayor Cranley hopes to use federal stimulus money for King Records, sculpture park

Mayor Cranley hopes to use federal stimulus money for King Records, sculpture park

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Mayor John Cranley is pushing for some big projects he hopes to see complete with stimulus money from the federal government.

The mayor wants to install a sculpture park honoring Cincinnati’s African American trailblazers and restore the King Records building, but there is a bit of an issue.

The mayor’s ideas are not a guarantee because the federal government has yet to put out guidelines on how the money can be used. The plans still need City Council approval also.

Restoring the King Records building has the support of Councilman Steve Goodin, who says nothing has been decided yet.

Goodin wants to make sure money from the American Rescue Plan Act helps do what its name says and rescue the city.

“I think some of the uses that this money will be put to aren’t going to be really sexy, fun, interesting uses,” Goodin says, “They’re going to be old-fashioned shore up your basic finances.”

The basics include allocating money for infrastructure, jobs, and first responders, Goodin says.

Federal guidelines on how the $280 million is to be spent are still not out.

Whether or not the sculpture park and King Records building restoration will meet the guidelines does not seem to be a concern for Mayor Cranley.

“We don’t have the fine print published yet, but we know enough to know these projects are eligible,” Mayor Cranley says.

In Goodin’s words, “the council has the power of the purse.” So, the council will decide what projects make the cut based on the federal government guidelines and the city’s needs.

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