Family Tragedy: Lattimore family mourning the death of another child

Family Tragedy: Lattimore family mourning the death of another child

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A family dealing with the tragic death of a child is now mourning the loss of a 7-year-old girl.

Shareese Lattimore died Tuesday after she was hit by a car in Avondale.

The Lattimore last name might sound familiar to many.

Nylo Lattimore is Shareese’s distant cousin, their paternal grandmother, Belinda Lattimore, tells FOX19 NOW.

Shareese was a talkative young girl who loved unicorns, rainbows and making people smile. She was a total diva too, Belinda says.

“She always had a hair done,” Belinda said. “With her little hairballs or beads in her hair.”

Belinda says will treasure these memories forever.

Shareese Lattimore (right) and her mother (left).
Shareese Lattimore (right) and her mother (left). (Source: WXIX)

Shareese was one of two 7-year-old girls hit by a car at Vine and Ehrman Street on Tuesday.

The other girl, who Belinda says is Shareese’s cousin, is expected to be okay.

Belinda says losing Shareese feels like her heart shattered into pieces and there is not enough glue to fix it.

“She was just precious,” Belinda said. “My son just loved her. I mean, my son really loved her. And I know her mom loved her too.”

Shareese’s death comes just three months after the Lattimore family lost two other loved ones.

The search continues for 3-year-old Nylo.

Prosecutors say he was thrown into the Ohio River after his mother, Nyteisha, was killed, allegedly by DeSean Brown.

Belinda says the three are distant cousins. And she never thought in a million years such tragic events would impact their family.

A police spokesman says the driver of the vehicle that hit the girls stayed at the scene and is cooperating with the investigation.

Authorities say the driver is not believed to have been impaired or speeding when the crash happened.

The girls did not use the crosswalk when they ran across the road, police say.

Councilman submits proposal to make street safer after 7-year-old killed

City data shows there have been 18 crashes in the past six months at the intersection and 158 in the last four years. Wednesday, City Council Member David Mann introduced a motion for the city administration to review the fatal crash and to develop recommendations for improving traffic and pedestrian safety.

”With the curves in the road, the high-volume traffic people are anxious to get home,” Mann told FOX19 NOW Wednesday. “They’re anxious to get to work, and it’s just inevitable. I was at the intersection at noontime and was surprised by much traffic was there. It is was busy, busy, busy, and I didn’t feel terribly safe standing on the sidewalk.”

Those who live on the street say the biggest problem is a lack of stoplights. Drivers can go for several blocks before they hit a light, so they build up a lot of speed.

Mann says they will consider a stoplight or adding parking restrictions to slow drivers down.

”When a child dies, we should say, ‘This is not right, if there’s any way to prevent this, we have to prevent it,’” Mann said.

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