Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road extend cookie sales

Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road extend cookie sales

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Girl Scout cookie sales have been extended in northern Kentucky and that means you still have time to get your hands on a sweet treat.

They have already sold 595,920 boxes of cookies so far this year, but they still have a way to go.

That is where you come in to take these cookies off their hands and help fund their fun.

The Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road have 30,000 boxes of cookies to sell before April 11.

Unsold cookies could mean losing out on some activities.

“Well, they are leftover inventory,” explains Director of Communications Haleigh McGraw. “That’s girls not reaching their goals, funds not making it to the troops then troops not able to do those activities they’re saving for so that is a big hit to us.”

Sarah Rabe has been in Girl Scouts since she was a daisy in kindergarten. That is 10 years of earning patches, learning life skills, and of course, selling cookies.

“We’ve learned a lot financially,” explains Rabe, “Money skills, people skills, and just building up things to do for the troops.”

Troop 1760 Leader Deborah Bennett says each box of cookies helps fund service projects and fun activities too.

“When we sell our cookies, we get a good portion of that back as proceeds,” says Bennett, “And then the girls work through deciding what are we going to do with that, where are we going to spend that?”

Rabe says the troop is planning a road trip this year.

“We would like to do a Kentucky road trip,” Rabe says. “We can’t travel outside of the state this year due to COVID, but we would like to do things and find fun things to do around the state.”

Rabe’s troop has met their goal of cookie sales, but they are still hoping to sell more. Even if you do not like the cookies, you can donate them and bring a sweet smile to someone’s face.

“We are encouraging people to look in your community and maybe there’s a food bank that you’d like to make a donation to,” says Bennett. “Reach out to a troop and say, ‘hey, I wanna buy a case of cookies.’' It’s $60 for a case, there are 12 boxes in each case, and you could say, ‘I would like to donate it to this food bank or to this hospital or a service center.’”

You can find out more about cookie sales here.

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