Woman claims stranger punched her 20 times over spot in line at pony ride

Woman claims stranger punched her 20 times over spot in line at pony ride

MONROE, Ohio (FOX19) - Asking someone to wait in line resulted in a woman saying she was assaulted at Traders World.

The line for the pony rides turned dangerous on March 20 for an out-of-state woman, who says all she did was ask another person not to cut in line.

“She wanted to get in front of us in line, and I had a few words with her. Just polite and she ended up leaving,” says Sarah.

Another woman returned though shortly after the other left.

Sarah says the woman started swearing at her, and before she knew it, she was being hit.

“Before she even stopped saying what she was saying and just starts hitting me,” Sarah says. “I mean, I’m still shocked to this day. She just starts hitting me left and right, and immediately knocks me to the ground, and I’m so shocked that I can’t react.”

The assault left Sarah with a black eye and swelling on her head.

Sarah says too many people just watched as she thinks the woman landed about 20 punches before running away.

“She fled right away and went back inside,” Sarah says. “I was screaming for people to help. Try and get a picture of her or try and get a video of her.”

A report has been filed, according to the Monroe Police Department.

Sarah asks anyone who has pictures, video, or witnessed what happened to contact the Monroe Police Department.

Sarah says emotionally her recovery has been day-by-day.

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