Victims of attempted carjacking in Newport speak out

Victims of attempted carjacking in Newport speak out

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A couple is on edge after an attempted carjacking in Newport earlier this week.

Wednesday morning just after 8 a.m., Daniel Johnson was taking his wife Mary to work.

A man came running in front of their car, as they were turning to get onto the bridge.

“He had his arms kind of waving like this and he looked like an honest guy honestly, so I’m thinking oh he needs help,” said Mary Rogers.

Mary started off by asking the man if he needed help, but before she could even finish her sentence, “The gentleman proceeded to reach his arm through the window and take the key in the van and instructed Dan to give it to him and that’s when the struggle began.”

Caught in a frenzy, they didn’t know what to do.

“A lot of panic, a lot of fear. Fear that Dan would be drug out of the van and that the gentleman would possibly take me to his next destination. It was just scary and I’m still dealing with it emotionally,” said Rogers.

“I thought let’s just take off and I took off a little bit I got to maybe 30 mph, but he was hanging off the car and I was like I can’t hurt him I can’t get anyone hurt,” said Daniel Johnson.

Daniel and Mary both describing it as a nightmare.

“The gentleman managed to open the door and proceeded to struggle again with Dan but this time started punching him, hitting him, grabbed him by his shirt to pull him out of his seat but realized that the seat belt was strapped in. So the gentleman reached over undid the seatbelt. I’m panicking,” said Rogers.

A few minutes went by and eventually, the man stopped his attack and took off into the woods into the Newport Project Area.

“I just wanted to throw it out there because in the state of Kentucky we don’t really hear about stuff like this but it’s possible,” said Rogers.

Even after a traumatic experience, Daniel says when it comes to being a good Samaritan.

“I’m still going to stop and help people because I believe helping people is the most important thing someone can do and if that gets me hurt or in trouble then so be it but I’m never gonna stop being a good person,” said Johnson.

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