Man brandishing gun shot by undercover agents in suspected attempted carjacking or robbery, DEA says

Man brandishing gun shot by undercover agents in suspected attempted carjacking or robbery, DEA says
Multiple police agencies in Hough neighborhood (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A man was shot after police say he brandished a gun in a suspected attempt to carjack or rob undercover DEA agents at East 82nd Street and Decker Avenue in the Hough neighborhood on Wednesday afternoon, according to Special Agent in Charge Keith Martin.

Martin said the shooting was unrelated to the operation the undercover DEA agents were working.

While the agents were in the car in plain clothes, two subjects, one of which was brandishing a weapon according to police, when they approached one of the DEA agents, Martin said.

According to Martin, “The DEA agent felt threatened and there was gunfire exchanged. The subject was hit, the agent was not struck by gunfire and that’s all at this time.”

Diana Johnson the mother of the Cleveland man who was shot identified him as 20-year-old, Trayvon Johnson. Johnson was shot in the stomach. Police did not confirm the victim’s name but did tell reporters people at the home at the corner of East 82nd and Decker Avenue were the family members of the injured man.

Agents immediately rendered assistance to him and packed the wound before he was taken to the hospital, according to Martin.

His family says Johnson was taken to University Hospital where he was taken in to surgery immediately.

Martin says, “I don’t have information at this time, it may have been a carjacking or a robbery we just don’t know.”

The DEA is going to be completely transparent as Cleveland Police investigate, according to Martin.

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams said he talked to the family of “young man” who was shot and is praying that he is okay.

“We’re praying for him that he’s okay in this whole endeavor. But, we’re also trying to make sure people understand our law enforcement people are out here to protect the community. Regardless of what happens around the country, the people in Cleveland are out here to protect our community and keep people safe. And when guns become involved in things, there’s always a possibility of things like this happening,” according to Williams.

“I just asked the family, there’s a process here that goes on, and that there are options within that process, and for them to choose the right options as we go forward in this investigation,” Williams said.

In regards to the climate in the country, the Cleveland Police Chief shared the following statement to the community:

“We’re asking people to take these incidents, not as a whole, but incident by incident. This happened right there in Cleveland, right behind me. It’s not related to anything else that happened around the country either prior to or that will happen tomorrow. We’re asking our community to basically make sure that we can have room to complete this investigative process. And like Agent Martin says, once we’re done, it’ll be out there.”

Aside from Cleveland Police, the U.S. Federal Marshals, the Ohio State Highway Patrol, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives responded to the scene.

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