Mixed reactions among West Siders to increase in airplane traffic, noise from CVG

Some say they can’t have a simple conversation without being interrupted. Others say “big deal.”

Mixed reactions in Delhi Township to increase in airplane traffic, noise overhead

DELHI TOWNSHIP, Ohio (FOX19) - The residents of Delhi Township on Cincinnati’s West Side are no strangers to the sound of planes flying overhead, but some say it’s gotten much worse since the airport just across the river shut down its longest runway.

CVG, which is experiencing explosive growth in cargo shipments thanks to its Amazon and DHL hubs, recently closed runway 927 for rehabilitation. The runway usually services large cargo planes.

Those same cargo planes are now taking off and landing on a different runway, which requires rerouting over different neighborhoods. The result in Delhi Township is a noticeable increase in noise levels and overall plane traffic.

Delhi Township resident Ken Penn isn’t happy about the change.

“Especially on the weekends, when I’m home during the day, it’s every minute you’ll see one of the larger planes,” Penn told FOX19 NOW on Friday. “It’s Amazon and Polar and DHL... But the larger planes are really bad. You can’t even speak to someone next to you without them saying, ‘Hold on, wait,’ you know?”

Airport officials acknowledge the issue, saying aviation noise in the area has indeed increased, especially between the hours of 10 p.m.-7 a.m.

“I like to sit outside,” Penn continued. “We have a fire pit. We have company. But it does make it very annoying to try and hav a conversation. I wish there were another path they could choose that wasn’t directly over us.”

Work on runway 927 will last approximately six months. Airport officials are inviting community members to file a noise complaint on CVG’s website.

But other Delhi Township residents, like Stephanie Vice, are taking the issue in stride.

“My son goes to school, and there’s a lot of planes, heavy traffic above his school, and he loves watching them and going to the playground and seeing them and talking about them,” Vice said. “He’s very excited about all the planes.”

And others couldn’t care less.

“I don’t mind being near the airport,” Delhi Township resident Tom Bender said. “It’s a little noisy, but people always complain. Big deal. If we didn’t have the planes, we’d be in bad shape.”

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