Tri-State leaders call for peaceful response to Chauvin verdict

“This verdict is a necessary step in the healing process that our nation must endure.”

World, local leaders react after Derek Chauvin found guilty in murder of George Floyd

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Cincinnati Police Chief Eliot K. Isaac issued a statement on Tuesday evening calling for peace after a Minnesota judge announced the guilty verdict in the murder trial of Derek Chauvin for the death of George Floyd.

“I have said multiple times before that I denounce the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May of 2020 by former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin. I understood the angst that came the days, weeks and months following the death of Mr. Floyd. As both a Black man and a police officer, I too was angry.”

“I encourage the citizens of Cincinnati to please express their emotions in a respectful and peaceful manner. The Cincinnati Police Department is committed to fair and impartial policing. Providing a safe environment for citizens to be heard and for all citizens to remain safe is essential.”

“By a jury of his own peers, Derek Chauvin was found guilty of what we all gruesomely watched with our own eyes. While nothing can bring back the life of George Floyd, today justice was served. Our nation has much work to do to improve policing, become aware of the bias we all carry and simply be better. Today we moved an inch but we have miles and miles to go in the march toward justice. The life of George Floyd mattered. Black Lives Matter.”

“Due diligence was given, and justice was served. We have a long way to go to rebuild trust in the community and bridge gaps between law enforcement and people who have suffered the inequities of actions that lead to unfair treatment. This verdict is a necessary step in the healing process that our nation must endure.”

“This case has had an emotional impact on not just the Minneapolis community but every community in this country. We need to build our nation up by conversation and understanding, not tear it down with more hate, hostility and violence.

“While George Floyd’s family has suffered a great loss, hopefully this verdict will bring a margin of peace to their family.”

“A jury in Minneapolis has spoken by convicting Derek Chauvin of second and third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in the death of George Floyd.

“Our system of justice worked. The jury members listened to both sides, weighed the evidence, and came to this verdict.

“As we go forward as a nation, we must learn from the tragic death of George Floyd.”

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost

“What Derek Chauvin did to George Floyd is murder. He killed more than a man—he nearly killed the hope of justice. The jury called it murder, and restored that hope.

Chauvin dishonored his badge and a noble profession. That should weigh heavily in his sentencing hearing.”

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