Super Pink Moon on display Monday night

Super Pink Moon on display Monday night

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - The weather looks pleasant and skies will be clear Monday night which means you will have the opportunity to see something cool.

“So, tonight is the phenomenon called the Super Moon where the moon is slightly closer to the earth than normal,” Dean Regas from the Cincinnati Observatory said. “And tonight, after midnight, that will be the closest point the moon will get to us the entire year or at least for here in Cincinnati.”

The moon will appear a little bit bigger than normal. It is also classified as a Pink Moon.

“Every full moon has a nickname, and this goes back to Native American traditions, and it is put together by the Farmer’s Almanac. So, it’s often called the Pink Moon, usually associated with pink flowers that are blooming this time of year,” Regas explained.

The moon will not be bright pink, but it may have a subtle pink hue right after sunset.

“The best time to look is just after dark,” Regas said. “So, once the sun sets face to the east, and you’ll see this big moon rising upon the horizon. If you are a nerd like me and you want to see it at its closest point to earth, that will be at about 1:43 a.m. tonight.”

The Cincinnati Observatory is a good place to see the moon. It gives a good vantage point for any sky-watching event.

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