Family of Vine Street shooting victim calls killer’s identity an open secret

“We know who did it. Everyone knows who did it.”

1 year later: Family, friends gather to honor Ricardo Williams

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - The family of a man gunned down in Mt. Auburn one year ago says they knew who did it.

Ricardo Williams, 25, died following a shooting in the 2200 block of Vine Street on April 28, 2020. He was a father of three.

“It’s a hard feeling for someone who didn’t deserve that,” Alisha Brown, Williams’ mother, told FOX19 NOW.

Though no arrests have been made, and CPD maintains the case is unsolved, Brown says the family knows who pulled the trigger.

“We know who did it. Everyone knows who did it. Even the person that did it knows they did it,” Brown said. “All I ask is that he would just turn himself in, admit to what you did.”

Brown says she might forgive the killer someday, but she can’t right now.

“I have a lot of forgiveness in my heart, but I can’t forgive no one if they can’t be honest about what they did.”

Brown and other members of Williams’ family held a balloon release where the shooting occurred on Tuesday.

“He was very harmless, so it kind of struck a nerve when he passed away,” Miracle Brown, Williams’ niece, said.

Shanika White had three children with Williams.

He was a really bright person. He smiled, brightened up the whole city. He was a great father, and they took that away from my kids,” said White.

Brown added she wants Williams remembered for his “big, bright smile” and his brand of “silliness,” which she warmly admitted could get on people’s nerves.

“Just remember all of the good things about Ricardo, because now all we have are memories, and we have to keep all those memories alive,” she said.

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