Men in white van tried to kidnap dog in Riverside, owner says

“It just seems cruel to me that someone could take someone’s happiness away from them.”

Man says person in van tried to steal his dog

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Several people in Riverside are keeping their pets in their houses after an attempted dog-napping was caught on camera.

The video was captured last week on Henrietta Avenue.

In the video, you can see a white van pull up to a house. Then you can hear a person in the van calling for the dog and clapping to get its attention.

The ruckus also grabbed the attention of Robert Cowan, who owns the dogs. Cowan says he had just let the dogs out.

“I said, ‘That ain’t right,’ because I heard something after that, and I came out and I hear someone trying to steal my dogs,” he explained.

Cowan says as soon as the people in the van saw him they got spooked.

“Once they seen me coming out the door, they dove in their SUV, and their feet were hanging out of the door taking off.”

Cowan says they were mainly after his white dog named Diva, a Maltese-American Eskimo mix. He says it’s a designer dog worth about $1,600.

For a moment he feared the people in the van had gotten away with her.

“My heart sank because it’s my son’s dog. How could I explain to my son that the dog he had for 10 years is gone?” Cowan posed. “That’s the only thing he looks forward to. He would probably hate me because I let her out. I’m glad they didn’t get her.”

Cowan says he didn’t get a good look at the people in the van. Now he and his family are disturbed knowing that someone would try to snatch their pet from their yard.

“It just seems cruel to me that someone could take someone’s happiness away from them. They’ve been around my whole life. I couldn’t imagine a day without them,” said Kari Cowan.

Some people who live on the block say they are even planning to put locks on their fences as an extra precaution to protect their pets.

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