Teen driver feared for his life during alleged road rage incident

Updated: May. 20, 2021 at 10:17 PM EDT
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HAMILTON, Ohio (FOX19) - A Hamilton teen says an alleged road rage incident during a lunch break left him fearing for his life.

It all started when Cam MacBurney, 16, was sitting at a stoplight waiting to turn onto North Brookwood. Cam said the light was green and the driver of a truck behind him got angry because he did not make the turn.

The driver then laid on his horn for about 10 seconds.

Cam eventually made the turn and, in the process, gave the other driver the middle finger.

“He went into the left lane and started jerking the wheel, screaming profanities at me through the car window,” Cam explained.

The 16-year-old was heading to McDonald’s to get food during his lunch break.

He says the man driving the truck followed him there, which is when things escalated.

“Pulled up next to me, spit in my car,” Cam said.

Cam says he wanted to defuse the situation and tried getting out of his vehicle.

He says the driver of the truck kicked the door while Cam’s leg was sticking out.

“My leg was in blistering pain,” Cam claimed.

The driver, who said he had a gun, then challenged Cam to follow him to an empty parking lot, the teen said.

Lindsay MacBurney, Cam’s mom, says she is using this as a teaching moment that her son should never flip off another driver.

“I know he should not do it. He knows he should not do it,” Lindsay said. “I feel like this has kind of help learn a little bit that adults out there are crazier than some of the teenagers he deals with at school.”

Lindsay did file a police report and is urging the department to find the truck driver.

Hamilton Police confirmed they have an open case but did not give details about the investigation.

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