Bellevue family battles flood damage, then hit by thief

Published: Jul. 12, 2021 at 11:04 PM EDT
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BELLEVUE, Ky. (WXIX) - Days after flooding damaged part of their property, a Bellevue family is now dealing with theft after someone was caught on camera stealing items they had salvaged from the high water.

Brian Walker says high water came rushing onto their property and did not stop for about four hours.

The water and mud rushed into the basement of their home and onto their driveway along Taylor Avenue.

“It was soul-crushing. It was really, really rough,” Walker said. “We were right at like 14 1/2 inches of mud from front to back.”

Walker says it took multiple relatives, shovels and wheelbarrows to clean it up.

“We had to go through and throw away pictures and clothes and holiday stuff and everything,” Walker said. “Everything was damaged. We haven’t had hot water for about a week and a half.”

At this point, it is not clear exactly where the water and mud is coming from, or why it has been overflowing onto their land anytime it rains. Walker says they are working with city officials to sort it out.

While they wait for answers, the couple moved some of their salvaged stuff onto their porch for what they thought was safekeeping. However, Walker says most of those items are now gone thanks to a thief.

“Came out this morning [Monday] to put on my dirty shoes to start to do my work, and they weren’t there,” Walker said. “I went and checked the Ring camera, and somebody came on our porch, went through all of our shoes and our clothes.”

Walker says multiple belongings are missing, including some furniture. A Bellevue police officer stopped by the Walkers’ home on Monday night to take an official report.

In Walker’s eyes, his family has been through enough. He says they just want the thief to return what was taken.

“They had to walk through the mud and the goo to get up there to do it,” he said. “That statement of ‘having no words,’ that’s kind of where we were.”

The Walkers are hoping that city leaders can pinpoint what is happening and then find a solution. They say they did report what happened to their insurance company.

Bellevue City Administrator Frank Warnock and Mayor Charlie Cleves say they’re working with Walker to figure out what’s causing the flooding and mudslides.

According to authorities, not only is Walker’s property located below numerous storm grates, but a large tree has also fallen into the alley area above the house, meaning the entire hillside could be moving.

Sanitation District 1 is doing dye testing over the next few days to get answers. At this point, crews are in the investigation stage.

As of now, there is no timeline on when they’ll find a cause... or a solution.

Neighbors have been supportive, Walker says, including one who dropped off a gift card.

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