Butler County rescuers find bag of kittens in trash can

Now they’re trying to find a cat to mother the kittens, who are just a week old.
Published: Jul. 20, 2021 at 10:04 PM EDT
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BUTLER COUNTY, Ohio (WXIX) - An animal rescue recently stepped in after four kittens were found dumped in a trash can in Butler County.

Joseph’s Legacy got a call around midnight Saturday about a plastic bag full of cats discovered in the trash near the main building of a mobile home community.

“Had they not been found when they were, they would have all died,” Krista Snyder with Joseph’s Legacy said.

Unfortunately, Snyder says one of the kittens wasn’t as lucky as the others.

“There was one that was in the bag that didn’t make it,” she said.

As for the others, Joseph’s Legacy took them in and treated them. Now the rescuers are on the hunt for a mother so they can feed the kittens naturally.

“While bottle kittens do ok with being hand-raised without a mom, it’s always ideal to find a momma cat,” Snyder said.

But with the kittens being so young, the search is proving difficult.

“If I take kittens that are a week old and put them with other kittens that are three weeks old, they’re going to be kind of pushed around and not be able to feed,” Snyder said.

The rescuers are searching for the right situation.

“There’s four of these guys, and if you try to put them with another five, it’s going to be too much on that momma,” she said.

Snyder would like to have the kittens placed with a new mother cat in the next 24-48 hours.

In the meantime, she wants people to know they don’t have to throw kittens away like they’re garbage.

“That was a complete senseless act,” she said. “There was no need for it. All they had to do is make some phone calls to some shelters and some rescues and somebody out there would have helped them.”

If you have a mother cat with young kittens and want to help out, Joseph’s Legacy wants you to contact them at (513) 393-9661.

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