Brecksville-Broadview Heights student’s thin blue line parking spot vandalized

Her senior parking spot she decorated to honor first responders was vandalized with graffiti...
Her senior parking spot she decorated to honor first responders was vandalized with graffiti displaying profanity and obscene gestures.(Rachel Parks)
Published: Aug. 19, 2021 at 10:05 PM EDT
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BRECKSVILLE, Ohio (WOIO) - An Ohio police officer’s daughter’s senior parking spot was vandalized. She decorated it to honor first responders, and someone graffitied it with pictures depicting obscene gestures and other profanities.

This is the first year Brecksville Broadview Heights high school has allowed seniors to paint their parking spots.

Maranda Parks designed her spot to honor her father, who is a police officer, and also her career as a paramedic, but in one week, it’s been vandalized twice.

“I wanna have my dad by my side as I join their team as first responders,” explained Maranda Parks.

Maranda chose a thin blue line flag design for her senior parking spot. She also included her profession, an EMT. She painted it this weekend, and on Monday, she discovered the graffiti.

“It had a letter F on it, and then it said po-po on it, and then there was like a whole bunch of middle fingers on it,” explained Maranda.

So, she repainted it so it wouldn’t be defaced for her first day of school Tuesday, but then on Thursday, her spot was vandalized again.

“I felt disrespected, afraid for my daughter, you know,” explained Rachel Parks, her mother. “Not sure if she’s being targeted personally or targeted because of the design of the mural.”

As a police officer’s wife, Rachel Parks is no stranger to this kind of behavior towards law enforcement. She decided to talk to 19 News to show people that this doesn’t only affect cops; it also hurts their families.

“They all have a target on their back, of course, but people don’t see what’s behind all this, the family’s that are going through things like this, you only see what’s on TV,” said Rachel. “You don’t know what’s going on personally in our families and this happening to my daughter. I’m glad that it’s getting out here, and people can see that this is personal. This is what our families are going through.”

The school district is investigating the incident and looking for the vandals. The police department is also aware of the situation.

The family is having a rally here on Saturday at 3 P.M. to repaint the spot. They say everyone is invited to come to show their support.

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